Setup Sheet-


         One report works with all machine types: Mill, Lathe,  Wire, Router, and Mill-Turn.

         Information for each tool or operation is relevant to the tool or operation type.

         Tool data export to tool setter.

        Warnings for the programmer about possible problems so they can be addressed before the programming goes to the machine.

        Barcode support, multiple barcode formats supported.

         Option to include a Rich Text (RTF) or Text (TXT) file in the Setup Sheet as Special Instructions for the shop. Unlimited and detailed notes, images, etc. can be included if the RFT format is used.

         Option to include photographs of the job setup or other images to assist the shop in setting up the job.

         Each tool and operation type can be customized to display the data needed for that type.

         Cycle time percentage of the NC program is available for operations and tools, this can help the programmer determine where they need to focus more attention.

        Customized settings are saved per machine name so settings for each machine are relevant for that machine.

        User customized Setup Sheet dialog General Information captions carry over to the Setup Sheet.