Custom Reporting Services for Mastercam Users!

Technical Support


Technical support is available to all Varco Reporting clients. Please note that there is a distinction between technical support and training, and some support situations are billable and others are free. Billable technical support involves situations that did not involve Varco Reporting, free technical support is for issues arising out of services or products provided by Varco Reporting. Determining if a situation is billable support or free technical support will be made by Varco Reporting.

Examples of billable technical support situations:

  • You change to a new PC and need help migrating the reports
  • You need help with configuring Mastercam to use the reports
  • You have a problem and are not on Maintenance.

Examples of free technical support situations:

  • There is still a problem after we provided billable support for that same problem
  • There is an issue with a report and you are on Maintenance.

How the process works:

  • Varco Reporting provides support on a T&M basis for billable support
  • Client issues a Purchase Order and pre-pays a mutually agreed on deposit for billable support
  • Varco Reporting provides the requested support
  • Client is invoiced if the support was billable.

Technical support is available via the following options:

  • Email
  • Telephone: (541) 543-6276.